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Best Smartwatches of 2017 - Top Picks for Android and iOS best replica watch sites 2016

Best Smartwatches 2017 by Mike Prospero May 9, 2017, 4:10 AM Best Smartwatch Overall/Best for Fitness Apple Watch Series 2 8/10 Totally worth it Review $369.00 Apple Compatibility iOS Heart Rate Yes Screen 272 x 340 (38mm); 312 x 390 (42mm) Battery Life 18 hours Release Date September 16 Water Resistance 50 meters Payment System Apple Pay GPS Yes Best Smartwatch for iPhone Apple Watch Series 1 8/10 Totally worth it Review $257.94 Amazon Compatibility iOS Heart Rate Yes Screen 1.32-inch, 272 x 340 color touch screen Battery Life 18 hours Release Date April 2015 Water Resistance Up to 1 Meter Payment System Apple Pay GPS No Best Android Smartwatch Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 7/10 Very good Review $349 Amazon Compatibility Android, iOS Heart Rate Yes Screen 1.3-inch (360 x 360) Super AMOLED Battery Life 1 day Release Date Q4 2016 Water Resistance Up to 5 feet Payment System Samsung Pay GPS Yes Best Cheap Smartwatch Aipker DZ09 7/10 Very good Review $20.99 Amazon Compatibility Android, iOS (limited) Heart Rate No Screen 1.56-inch (240 x 240) LCD Battery Life 1 day Release Date Unknown Water Resistance None Payment System None GPS No Best Smartwatch Overall/Best for Fitness Best Smartwatch for iPhone Best Android Smartwatch Best Cheap Smartwatch Product Use case Rating Apple Watch Series 2 Best Smartwatch Overall/Best for Fitness 8 Apple Watch Series 1 Best Smartwatch for iPhone 8 Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Best Android Smartwatch 7 Aipker DZ09 Best Cheap Smartwatch 7

Call it a sign of the times. While simple fitness trackers suffice for many, an increasing number of people are looking at smartwatches to have something more versatile on their wrist. Smartwatches deliver smartphone notifications, fitness features, apps and more, allowing you to leave your phone in your pocket .

In fact, Apple has overtaken Fitbit to become the world's largest wearables device maker, according to research firm Strategy Analytics .

After testing dozens of smartwatches for Android and iOS and evaluating them based on design, features and ease of use, our top pick is the Apple Watch Series 2 . It includes built-in GPS, a brighter screen, swimproof water-resistance and other health features, and starts at $369.

The original Apple Watch Series 1 Series 1 is another great option. It now features the same faster processor as the Series 2 , and costs a cheaper $269.

Our favorite smartwatch for Android phone owners is the Samsung Gear S3 . In addition to a very sleek design, the Gear S3 offers built-in GPS, water-resistance, a speaker, Samsung Pay support, plus a nifty rotating dial for navigating the interface. Plus, the S3 now supports iOS .

The 4G LTE version, the S3 Frontier, even lets you make and receive calls and texts. However, this Tizen-powered watch suffers from a lack of apps.

If you're looking to get a smartwatch on the cheap, the Aipker DZ09 is our top pick among smartwatches priced under $40 . Those are just a few of the dozens of smartwatches we've tested.

Latest Smartwatch News and Rumors

Android Wear 2.0 , which offers Google's Assistant , Android Pay and standalone apps, is now available from Google, which worked with LG on two new smartwatches that showcase the new operating system. The $349 LG Watch Sport features a circular 1.38-inch 480 x 480-pixel screen. It also comes with LTE, GPS, a heart-rate monitor and support for Android Pay. The $249 LG Watch Style drops the LTE, GPS, heart-rate and mobile payment features; it offers a 1.2-inch 360 x 360-pixel screen and a 240 mAh battery. (A 430 mAh battery powers the more expensive sport.) Google says that Android Wear 2.0 will roll out to current watches in the coming weeks.

If you're interested in what Apple is working on next, the rumored Apple Watch Series 3 could be released this fall. It may offer built-in 4G, a FaceTime camera and improved battery life.

Editor's choice Apple Watch Series 2 Best Smartwatch Overall/Best for Fitness 8/10 Totally worth it Review $369.00 Apple Compatibility iOS Heart Rate Yes Screen 272 x 340 (38mm); 312 x 390 (42mm) Battery Life 18 hours Release Date September 16 Water Resistance 50 meters Payment System Apple Pay GPS Yes The Apple Watch Series 2 is a great choice for those looking to get fit. It features built-in GPS, so it provides accurate pace and distance for your runs, as well as a water-resistant design (up to 50 meters) that you can take swimming. Even when you’re not breaking a sweat, you’ll appreciate the Series 2’s brighter display, longer battery life and faster processor, whether you’re checking notifications, using apps or responding to messages. Add in a more intuitive watchOS 3 operating system, including a useful dock, and you have a winner.

Apple Watch Series 1 Best Smartwatch for iPhone 8/10 Totally worth it Review $257.94 Amazon Compatibility iOS Heart Rate Yes Screen 1.32-inch, 272 x 340 color touch screen Battery Life 18 hours Release Date April 2015 Water Resistance Up to 1 Meter Payment System Apple Pay GPS No If you want to have have notifications, fitness tracking, Apple Pay and more on your wrist but you don’t need GPS or a swim-proof design, the Apple Watch Series 1 is a good value. The updated watch packs the same speedy dual-core processor as the Apple Watch Series 2, as well as the easier-to-use watchOS 3, which includes more fun messaging features. The display on the Series 1 is only about half as bright as the Series 2, but overall it’s still a good buy.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Best Android Smartwatch 7/10 Very good Review $349 Amazon Compatibility Android, iOS Heart Rate Yes Screen 1.3-inch (360 x 360) Super AMOLED Battery Life 1 day Release Date Q4 2016 Water Resistance Up to 5 feet Payment System Samsung Pay GPS Yes The most complete smartwatch yet not only looks like a quality timepiece, but, thanks to its 4G LTE connection, lets you leave your phone in your pocket—or even at home. Its tough yet sleek design is water resistant, has a built-in speaker for calls, GPS for tracking your runs and Samsung Pay for using the watch as a wallet. However, this Tizen-powered suffers from a lack of apps—which can be frustrating—and, despite Samsung's claims, only lasts about a day with normal use. The watch also supports the iPhone, letting you take advantage of fitness features, notifications and even apps.

Aipker DZ09 Best Cheap Smartwatch 7/10 Very good Review $20.99 Amazon Compatibility Android, iOS (limited) Heart Rate No Screen 1.56-inch (240 x 240) LCD Battery Life 1 day Release Date Unknown Water Resistance None Payment System None GPS No This ultra-affordable device was the best of a handful of sub-$40 smartwatches we tested. It works with Android and, to some extent iOS phones, has a 0.3-MP camera, and comes with a microSD card. It also has a slot for a SIM card, too.

Coming This Fall Misfit Vapor Review $199 Suggested price Misfit's upcoming smartwatch combines a host of fitness features—GPS, a heart rate monitor, and 4GB of onboard storage for music—with smartphone notifications, weather, and a music player. Instead of running a custom OS as initially planned, the Vapor will run Android Wear 2.0. Misfit plans to release the Vapor in the fall of 2017 for $199, and will come in a variety of colors.

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About the author Mike Prospero @mikeprospero Michael A. Prospero is the reviews editor at Laptop Mag and Tom’s Guide. When he’s not testing out the latest running watch, skiing or training for a marathon, he’s probably using the latest kitchen gadget.

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best replica watch sites 2016

omega replica watch bands
omega seamaster planet ocean chronograph
omega seamaster aqua terra price australia The 2016 50 Best Companies for Diversity

These 50 companies recognize the value of the link between diversity and engagement

by Kali Wilder     Posted: November 9, 2016 A-   A   A+  

Studies show that diverse environments work. A diverse environment not only increases overall business performance, but also provides a space where employee differences, while highlighted, are used to foster innovation and true inclusiveness. Researchers have started to drill down to deeper definitions of diversity—race, gender, sexual orientation, and so forth. They are trying to find better ways for companies to create conditions in which potentially marginalized groups can succeed.

Engagement Matters


A Gallup poll earlier this year found engagement and inclusiveness to be closely linked. According to the poll, employee retention was the highest when managers and employees of different races worked in an engaging workplace, even higher than managers and employees of the same race, in stimulating, collegial work environments.

Engagement can go beyond the typical activities to increase employee participation. For instance, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson recently addressed company employees about the escalating racial tensions in Charlotte, North Carolina; how communities are being affected; and that black lives do, indeed, matter. Stephenson reiterated that, while these topics are uncomfortable, tolerance and inaction are worse. “If this is a dialogue that’s to begin at AT&T, I feel like it probably ought to start with me,” he said.

The 2016 Roster Unveiled 


BLACK ENTERPRISE and the Executive Leadership Council, the leading organization of black senior managers, will officially unveil and acknowledge the  2016 roster of companies  for their achievements at the ELC’s 30th Anniversary Recognition Gala this evening. These 50 companies recognize the value of the link between diversity and engagement, which is driven by corporate leadership at the highest level.

How We Compiled the ‘50 Best Companies for Diversity’


BLACK ENTERPRISE’s editorial research team, in partnership with the Executive Leadership Council, sent surveys to the nation’s top 1,000 publicly traded companies to get an in-depth look at the ethnic and gender composition of these corporations, as well as understand various programs designed to foster and maintain an inclusive working environment. The annual survey is centered around efforts focused on African Americans, but also includes other ethnic minority groups as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau. Any information provided by companies on diversity efforts targeted toward women, LGBT, the disabled, and veterans were used as secondary, supporting data for inclusion on the list.

BE performed a quantitative and editorial assessment of all corporate respondents and measured each company’s diversity efforts using the following criteria:

We measured companies against each other using data from four key categories: employee base, senior management, board of directors, and procurement. Based on a quantitative and editorial analysis, each company received a score. The senior management and board of directors categories were given a higher weighting, based on company impact across the board. Procurement was also a major factor, while employee base was given a lower weighting. We reviewed the status of companies across all BE diversity and corporate leadership lists, including The Top 35 Companies for Supplier Diversity , The 100 Most Powerful Executives , Top Diversity Executives , as well as companies that have chief diversity officers and/or designated diversity departments. We also considered those companies in which the CEO takes an active role in diversity practices.

Our survey measures companies against four key categories:

Employee Base: The percentage of African Americans and members of other ethnic minority groups represented in a given company’s workforce. Senior Management: The percentage of senior management positions held by African Americans and members of other ethnic groups. Board of Directors: The percentage of African Americans and other ethnic minorities represented on corporate boards. Procurement: The percentage of total procurement dollars spent with companies owned by African Americans and members of other ethnic minority groups.

Click here to see The 50 Best Companies for Diversity list .

RELATED STORIES The Executive Leadership Council Names Orlando Ashford Chair 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: McDonald’s Corporation 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: Ford Motor Company 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: Entergy Corp. 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: American Express 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: AT&T 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: ADP 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: JPMorgan Chase 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: Comcast 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: Fedex 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: Prudential 2016 Best Companies for Diversity: Toyota CEO Spotlight: Nationwide's Steve Rasmussen on the Side of Diversity and Inclusion (Part 2) BE 100s: 2016 Report on the Nation's Largest Black Businesses 2016 Top Executives in Corporate Diversity #_ci_widget_div_33641:before {color:#000;content:'Also From The Web';display:block;font-family:Arial,sans-serif;font-size:16px;font-weight:400;line-height:1em;text-decoration:none;text-transform:none;color: #666;text-decoration: none;padding: 0;margin: 0;font-size: 18px;font-weight: bold;margin-bottom:10px;font-family: 'Century Gothic', sans-serif;} #_ci_widget_div_33641 {display:inline-block;height:auto;line-height:.8em;width:100%;} #_ci_widget_div_33641 ul {-webkit-margin-after:0;-webkit-margin-before:0;-webkit-padding-start:0;display:inline-block;list-style-type:none;margin:0;padding:0;width:100%;} #_ci_widget_div_33641 ul li {float:left;line-height:.8em;list-style-type:none;margin-left:;vertical-align:top;width: 24%;height: inherit;margin: 0 0 2% 1%;} #_ci_widget_div_33641 ul li:first-child {} #_ci_widget_div_33641 ul li > a img {display:block;height: inherit;width:100%;} #_ci_widget_div_33641 .ci_text {display:block;height: 72px;margin-top: 4px;} #_ci_widget_div_33641 .ci_text > a {color:#000;font-family:Arial;font-size:13px;font-weight:400;line-height:1.2em;text-decoration:none;font-family: playfair_displayregular;font-size: 18px;font-family: "Droid Serif", Georgia, serif;color: #1697d1;text-decoration: none;padding: 0;margin: 0;font-size: 14px;font-weight: bold;font-family: 'Century Gothic', sans-serif;} #_ci_widget_div_33641 .ci_text > a:hover {color: #a5a5a5;} A-   A   A+  




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5 Best CPA Review Courses in 2017 (+ My Recommendation) Last Updated: June 15, 2017 By Stephanie Ng 404 Comments

Review of: CPA Review Version: 2017 Reviewed by: Stephanie Ng Rating: 5 On June 15, 2017 Last modified: June 20, 2017 Summary:

Pros and cons of major CPA review providers

More Details

How do we identify the best CPA review courses?

Some based on brand. Others based on price, number of products, apps, freebies, gimmicks…

The fact is, there is no absolute best.

Start narrowing down the choice based on your background, budget and learning style. Then, sign up for the free trials. I am going to show you how.

Most Popular CPA Review Courses Overall Impression Efficient self- study system Short videos + Adaptive learning technology Bite-sized lectures backed by Wiley Fun and engaging lectures Biggest brand name in the market # Lecture hours 70-100+ 100+ 80 100+ 100 # MC questions 9,200+ 6,700+ 12,000 5,000+ ~7,000 # Sim questions 1,000+ 260 600+ 200+ ~300 Audio Review [1] $449 extra Flashcards [1] $136 extra $179 extra Final Review / Cram Course (coming soon) $970 extra $495 extra Free Trial Money-back Guarantee [2] Access [2] Until you pass Until you pass Until you pass 24 months 12 – 18 months Pass Rate n/a 89.7% 9 out of 10 88% Twice non-Becker students Price $1,439 (coupon auto apply ) $1,439 (coupon: CPAPASS ) $1,951 (coupon: IPASS ) $2,095 $3,393 (coupon: SAVE250 ) Recommendation and Analysis

[1] Included for free in Roger’s elite course. [2] Conditions apply. Please check the respective review course providers for details.

Top 5 CPA Review Course Comparison

Here is a more extensive and comprehensive list of top CPA review courses, each with my analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

Gleim CPA Review Courses


Great practice test prep software. Practice questions are tough and great for those who want a higher comfortable level to pass the exam. Good supplementary to other lecture-heavy courses. Thoughtfully designed . Easy three-step study approach that teaches you how to effectively study. Videos are now included in the course and feature experienced, university level professors going over difficult CPA Exam topics and multiple-choice questions. Personal Counselor is a great help . If you sign up for the Gleim CPA Review System, a personal counselor will be assign to take care of your needs in your CPA journey. These counselors are accounting gurus but they coordinate with the in-house experts to get you the answer, help tailor-made your study plans and cheer you up. Affordable . The full 4-part CPA Review System costs $1,399 for premium version and $1,099 for traditional version (further 10% off here ) — one of the most affordable among the full review course providers.


Some features only for premium customers. With the launch of premium course, some of the features are no longer available to traditional course. Examples include instructor videos, access until you pass guarantee, and access to accounting experts. Books can be overwhelming. It’s very detailed. While some of my readers really like the comprehensiveness, others seem to think it’s too lengthy. You will need to pick and choose what is necessary for you to study.


Excellent choice for those who prefer self-study but need occasional help through personal counselor and accounting experts. A great alternative to Wiley test bank if you are looking for additional online test practice questions. Check out my evaluation on Gleim CPA Review Surgent CPA Review

Surgent CPA Review (formerly Surgent-Kolar CPA Review) is a relatively new brand name, but their founders, Jack Surgent and Liz Kolar, are both well respected veterans in the industry.

What’s special about Surgent CPA is the “Adaptive Learning Technology”, a system that feeds students questions based on their weaker areas. According to Surgent, their students can use this tool to reduce the prep time to less than 100 hours, and at the same time maintain an overall 89.7% pass rate among their student pool.


Short lectures. Excellent choice for those who hate long lectures as much as I do. Each lecture is 10-20 minutes. Lecturer Liz Kolar won awards such as PICPA Outstanding Educator of the Year. The amazing Adaptive Learning Technology. As described above. Super efficient for first-time candidates and a god-send for retakers. Free trial and pass guarantee. A big plus if the provider is confident enough to offer these benefits. One of the most affordable. The pricing remains to be a more affordable option, especially if you utilize the discount code on this site.


Better suited for PC-based learner . Since everything is delivered online, if you are a type of learner who needs “live support” (a real person to explain something to you, either in person or by phone); or if you are accustomed to highlighting, circling and dropping notes on the side of the textbooks, then Surgent CPA may not fit your learning style.


If budget isn’t too tight, Surgent has all the goodies — great lecturer, adaptive learning, online tracking, free trial and pass guarantee — all in one nice package.

Check out my evaluation on Surgent CPA Review Wiley CPAexcel (Fully-Integrated Course)

Some of you may not understand the difference between Wiley “CPAexcel” and Wiley “CPA review course”. Let me explain.

This one (usually called “CPAexcel”) refers to the premium, fully-integrated product that Wiley is offering. Major products are textbook, practice questions and video instructions. This is an enchaced package from the original CPAexcel, which Wiley acquired in 2012.

The other one (usually called “Wiley books” or “Wiley test bank”) is now sold as a self-study pack. This brand includes (1) text books and (2) practice questions, known as the test bank, and (3) focus notes which is like a spiral-bound notes for final review.

Please note that CPAexcel and Wiley have two different sets of text books and practice questions. If you are to get the “platinum” version of CPAexcel, you will get both. If you have any questions, please drop me a note in the comment section below.


Bite-sized lectures. Similar pros as Surgent CPA. The lecture length ranges from a couple of minutes to ~ 30 minutes. The lecturers are actively-teaching professors from various renown universities. Unlimited upgrade. Most generous in the industry — a real, no-gimmick no-nonsense offer. No more pressure of not finishing within 12 months and have to pay an extra $1,000 for a retake! State-of-the-art technology. CPAexcel fully utilizes the online capability and churns out personalized exam plan and a collection of diagnostic charts and analysis for you, which I (as a financial analyst by profession) finds very attractive.


A Bit Confusing At First… candidates can pick and choose the offering and I find it quite intimidating when I first visited the site. But then when you think about it, the fact that they give you a choice could be a good thing, if you are willing to spend some time to navigate around and learn about the various offers. Better Suited For The PC-based learner . Same case as Surgent.


Another highly recommended program – users achieve “9 out of 10” passing rate and the course is endorsed by one of the Big 4. Especially suitable for busy candidates juggling with work/family commitments. Strong backing from Wiley. Check out my evaluation on CPAexcel Roger CPA Review Courses


Entertaining lectures : Roger Philipp (the founder) has a very unique teaching style — entertaining and “intense”. Many of his students are die-hard fans. Quality is guaranteed . Roger writes his own notes. He also records the lectures for every class so you know for sure who is teaching you.


No more live classes. Roger CPA stopped offering live classes since Feb 2013. It’s not as entertaining watching him on video vs in person. May skim over details. Roger purposely wants to skip the non-critical part of the exam content. Some students love it, while others may struggle a bit to catch up.


If you like an instructor who can make accounting interesting, give Roger a try. Check out my evaluation on Roger CPA Review Becker CPA Review Courses


Excellent lecture notes, MCQs and software . The materials are comprehensive and user-friendly. Big 4 endorsement . The live lectures are recommended by the Big 4. Materials constantly kept updated . Becker has a professional team to update the materials on a very regular basis. Their proof-reading is also done well so there are few typos and errors. If there are errors, Becker does a good job in posting in their website and letting everyone to see.


Overpriced. If you are paying full price on your own you are subsidizing those who get deep discounts from their employers through Becker’s partner program. Not Fair! Live classes way overrated. They show you a DVD in a classroom, tell you to “circle this, highlight that” for 8 hours straight. Quality of “lecturers” (whose main job is to turn on and off the DVD) is really mixed. Check out my experience at the Becker CPA Review Course . Expensive re-take . Software license expires in 12 months and this is often not enough time for many candidates. Re-take of classes costs $1,000+ (50% of retail price) with harsh attendance rate which I find ridiculous.


SKIP Becker. They do have great notes, but so do Yaeger (for lectures) and Wiley / Gleim (practice tests). Unless you are so lucky to get a star lecturer (who tend to set up their own shops), live classes are, in my own opinion, a waste of time.

Other Major Review Course Providers

These providers are not on my general recommended list, but they are among the better ones in the market.

Wiley CPA Exam Review (Book and Test bank only)

Wiley CPAexcel is the overall brand, but for most of us

Wiley CPA review is the “original” Wiley product, consisting of (1) text books and (2) practice questions, known as the test bank, and (3) focus notes which is like a spiral-bound notes for final review. This is now sold under an official name of self-study pack.

Please note that the CPAexcel and Wiley text books + practice questions are two different sets. However, if you are to get the “platinum” version of Wiley CPAexcel, they include the Wiley test bank and Wiley focused notes in the package. So for this platinum course you have a combination of the two.

I will try to rewrite the above with clearer explanation. Thanks for your questions and feedback. Hope it’s helpful for you for now! Regards, Stephanie


#1 Selling Review Book and Test Bank . The book and test bank (test prep software) are both very popular and proved to be useful for many CPA candidates. Even competitors (Yaeger and Roger) choose Wiley to bundle-sell as supplementary material. It’s Affordable. A good bargain in the world of CPA exam prep course: single-part test bank costs $150 $127 for single parts, and $575 $495 for complete set (discount is available at my site here ).


Book Could Be Overwhelming . Especially when there is no guided review, it could be discouraging to go over the entire guide. Too much material in my opinion.


Get the test bank if you need additional practice questions as supplement, or if you are a retaker. Check out my evaluation on Wiley CPA test bank CPA Review for Free


The questions are quite comprehensive and signing up is easy. There is no string attached — they may promote an ebook or something but they aren’t annoying. Some of the practice questions e.g. Information Technology within BEC are very helpful.


You can’t work on the questions in the Exam Mode: that is, do all the questions, time it, and get a score. I may not have spent enough time to make a firm conclusion, but I think the overall “usefulness” or relevancy of the questions is not as high as the other paid providers. Afterall, it does take a lot of resources to keep the materials updated. There is no free lunch in my opinion.


Definitely a site that you want to bookmark to get some extra multiple choice questions in the future, but I wouldn’t rely solely on CPA Review For Free for my study.

Check out my evaluation on CPA Review For Free here.

Lambers CPA Review Courses


Established Provider. Lambers CPA Review has been around for 45 years, although it is now part of a company called ExamForce. AUD Is The Hidden Gem. Professor Garland is excellent and I can feel his passion of teaching and helping the candidates. I only watched his first lecture but what he says makes so much sense. The iPod Courses Is Quite Popular. The ipod format is helpful if you are busy and want to utilize all your “dead time” during commute and between meetings and children’s naps. The screen is too small to view the practice questions though, so you can take this mostly as an audio review.


Good But Not Great. I really like the AUD lecturer and one of the lecturers in FAR, but others remind me of the very average accounting professors. Salespeople Are Quite Aggressive . I bet the salesperson has never taken the exam or even seen the study materials before, so stand firm and make the decision based on your own preference. Few People Talk About Lambers . Similar to the issues faced by Kaplan.


Get AUD module if you don’t like your existing provider. Check out my evaluation on Lambers CPA Review MDS CPA Review Courses

Formerly known as Martin, Dalton, Spettle CPA Review, MDS is now headed by Steve Martin and is based in Ohio. Steve has been teaching CPA review courses for the last 28 years (since 1985). He is a former law update instructor and editor for the Becker course.


If you live in Ohio and are looking for live classes, the MDS CPA Review looks like a great option. I personally like Steve’s style — a down-to-earth type of guy who has the experience in teaching CPA review courses and writes his own lecture notes.


I haven’t got access to the product so I won’t be able to comment on the features and specific product offering, but at $1,895 I can’t say it is very attractive in price and product offering when compared to other major CPA review providers.


Go to this MDS CPA page for my preliminary evaluation. Yaeger CPA Review Courses


Champion of the Old-School Approach . If you like someone who writes on the board and explains concept to you in the old-fashioned way, you’d appreciate Yaeger. I personally like the way they “hold your hand” and explain the multiple choice questions and possible tricks. Live Phone Support . This is quite unique, and you can often reach and talk to the owner (Phil Yaeger) himself. Good Value For Money . One of the most affordable guided review courses out there.


Old School. Obviously this can be a turn-off for some people. Somewhat Unorganized . There are times when you would expect the team to retape the video (e.g. a typo on the white board, or the guy accidentally talked to his wife…) but Yaeger just let it go live. The ones I spotted did not affect the quality of the course but it could be a nuisance. My General Recommendations

I try to keep this list as objective as I can, but since many of you are asking which provider I generally prefer (and I have a hard time keeping it up with the emails), here you go…

Go for Gleim to:

Cut out the lectures and self-study effectively Get personalized support from real people — the personal counselor Keep your CPA review affordable with full version below $1,200 Benefit from the free trail and money-back guarantee

Go for Wiley to:

Watch short, bite-sized videos and keep you from dozing off State-of-the-art performance tracking platform Learn from someone with an impressive record (9 out of 10 passed) Benefit from the free trial

Go for Surgent to:

Study efficiently with 10-20 minute videos and the intelligent adaptive learning technology Track how much you study and how well you study using Surgent’s robust analytical system Worry-free with free trial and money-back guarantee

Thanks for going through this long post with me. Drop me a note below if you need specific recommendation.

Filed Under: CPA Review Comparison and Selection